These programs, projects, and organizations are actively changing the world. Our charitable mission is to positively impact our community each and everyday; we’re committed to the task at hand, being better than the day before.

We encourage you to learn more and support these incredible causes.

The REALM Creative AcademyMore Info

The mission of The REALM Creative Academy is to provide creative, rich and diverse experiences in which all students are both honored for their unique strengths and inspired to take a step “outside the box” in order to embrace possibility and seize their greatness.


The Ubuntu Initiative

The program teaches kids/young adults how to take photographs, build a portfolio and it gives them a creative outlet to express themselves and their unique perspectives. It’s a beautiful reminder that no matter where we come from, we all have something special to share with the world.

The goal is that one day Natgeo and other prestigious publications would be hiring these kids/young adults to tell their stories and share the anthropology of their homes. Who better to tell the stories of their home than the people of the land.


That's a Gimmie

2nd Annual Charity Golf Tournament.

Hosted by Mikey Taylor, Matt Coulter & our friends at Spanish Hills Club.

This years charitable recipient is the BeYOUtiful Foundation. This incredible organization provides wigs, resources,
and community for women fighting cancer. We’re honored to support their worthy cause


143 Book ClubMore Info


LighthouseMore Info

Lighthouse Silicon Valley creates JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, inclusion) pathways and partnerships between safety net (social services) and workforce development pillars. Providing regional leadership, regional initiatives, and regional landscaping for over 125 organizations and stakeholders across Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, Lighthouse unites to place every individual and family on the path to economic freedom.


CESHEO, Cambodian English School for Higher Education OrganizationMore Info

CESHEO, Cambodian English School for Higher Education Organization, is based in Siem Reap, Cambodia near the ruins of Angkor Wat. In partnership with 143 Collective, we operate two schools and an orphanage, focusing primarily on food, shelter and education for our children in need. CESHEO operates as a safe house, where children are welcomed, clothed, fed, educated and offered a place to sleep. Children are taught English, a key skill to surviving in an economy driven by tourism. Public education is not free in Cambodia, so poor children are given very little chance to thrive. Hence the reason we are ready to do our part.  



We’re a dual purpose charitable program; focused on supporting research for pediatric cancer and the support for families dealing with the harsh realities of cancer diagnosis. Inspired by the the fight and courage of #JackStrong!



To unite athletes and their fans through advocacy and action to support and celebrate diversity in communities across the world.


Knowledge is power. When it comes to higher education, it’s our responsibility as leaders, to provide the next generation the tools to succeed. In order to finish you must be willing to start; if a young person has the passion to further their education, it’s our duty to provide the access. Our program delivers financial assistance options, scholastic opportunities and the clarity needed to successfully navigate the college application process.


Committed to engaging coastal communities youth to support the beaches and oceans they love. Providing middle school & high school students, ASB, or campus clubs an opportunity to fundraise, promote, and host a beach clean up event. We intend to create legacy events for each high school to be proud of, committing annually to SAVE THE SEA. Each school will start by selecting a date host their “SAVE THE SEA” event along with selecting their favorite beach to love. (website map will feature a beaches and the high school that takes care of it).



Rich at


Ojai Adventure

Dance with Mweyne

The Pep Project