We’re an eclectic group of humans striving to leave our mark.

We’ve created shelter for our minds to run wild, to create, and most importantly take action. Loving others simply because we can, together we author a legacy of love to hand to the next generation.

Our team specializes in non-profit development, fiscal sponsorship, and community activism. We’ve constructed all that we do to love others when they need it the most. Dedicated to leaving this place better than we found it, one neighborhood at a time.

The decisions we make are not about us, but rather the generations that will live the history we conceive. Togetherness, paired with ambition, is the only path forward to protect the beautiful lives we’ve been given. Looking back on time, it’s evident we need to refocus on quality and not quantities. We must find our way back to valuing completion, satisfaction with less, and relationships like the trailblazers before us. It’s time to forge our own path, to find a better way, to design a future worth being proud of.